Martijn Steenwijk | Building bridges
Tracking nerve fibers in the human brain. Published in Alzheimer Magazine, October 2012.
Magnetic resonance image of a sunflower. April 2013.
Visualizing fMRI brain activity using volume rendering. Grand prize winner Art of Neuroscience competition 2012, March 2012.
Artistic volume rendering of a human brain. April 2014.

Martijn Steenwijk (1986) obtained his MSc. degree in Biomedical Engineering at Delft University of Technology in 2010 cum laude, and specialized in Medical Imaging.

Working as a PhD candidate/neuroscientist on unravelling the relationship between neurodegeneration and other pathology in multiple sclerosis using magnetic resonance imaging. Methods include development of advanced lesion segmentation and tractography techniques, local gray matter pathology analysis, multi-modal data integration and visual data analysis. Furthermore vice-chair of Lupus Netherlands -a Dutch patients organization for people having lupus erythematosus- with a strong focus on bridging the gap between patients and (medical) research, and volunteer for the Brein in Beeld foundation, promoting translation of science for society.


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